Saturday, 8 September 2012

WATCH: Impossible

One of my Christmas presents last year was a complete DVD box set of Mission: Impossible, the original 1960s series.

I’d seen a lot of episodes, but I’ve wanted to see it right through from start to finish – plus it stops me going mad while tailor jackets and coats!
So imagine my surprise when I’m watching The Freeze, an episode from series three. There is a tense moment while Jim Phelps and the team are watching their target over CCTV. Up against time, Jim looks nervously at his watch, and we see it in a close-up insert shot.

And it’s near identical to The Doctor’s current timepiece!

It’s an distinctive face, with the 2-4-6-8-10-12 in numbers, where most watches only have 3-6-9-12

If you look closely the logo under the 12 has been removed, but it would have been Buler, the makers of the watch.
And here is a screengrab from The Lodger, showing a good close-up of The Doctor’s wrist watch.


  1. The 11th's is a buler.
    I have found one in an eBay listing once, but it was only a close model with the same brand.
    This watch is an absolute b***h to find.

  2. The numbers have a more military, squared-off look on the Eleven watch. Could his possibly be an older model, maybe post-War?

  3. Actually, the Mission: Impossible watch is a vintage Timex. It's close but not quite accurate to the Buler that the Doctor wears. As Michael Nixon noted, the "font" of the numbers is slightly off and there is also the addition of the second markers. It's a good "close enough" though!

  4. I found something similar, not the illusive Buler but something called a Komos.... no hadn't heard of them either but looks close to me. theres a link to it here:

  5. Saerch up timex watches on ebay and you can find a couple that look like the original one

  6. It's definitely a de-branded Timex, as the design of the crown area is quite specific. The Buler seems close, but even closer match would be a goldplated Soviet 'Raketa 16 jewels' which has absolutely identical font, but a different crown design, slightly different hands (hours and minutes) and uses small seconds (subdial - instead of center seconds of Timex). Regards, Trad@W.U.S.

  7. The font for the numbers is different between watches. In the MI watch, the "6" points up, while in the DW watch, the "6" curves over.

    1. Yes, you're quite right, but the similarity is still striking and amusing to see.